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What is the Cutting Edge Framework?


Cutting Edge is the partnership made up of :

Aims of Cutting Edge:

The Cutting Edge Framework’s overriding objective is, working together to achieve the successful delivery by the contractors / developers and consultants of all the individual projects placed under the Framework Agreement, delivering innovative choices and enabling lasting benefits and neighbourhoods.


The objectives for the framework can be summarised as follows:

  • To achieve cost savings;
  • To deliver to time;
  • To deliver community benefits;
  • To minimise risk;
  • To achieve lean processes;
  • To deliver a quality product;
  • To ensure delivery;
  • To operate in a partnership that is clear, accessible, transparent and can be audited;
  • To achieve continuous improvement for efficient procurement and sustainable development;
  • To demonstrate Value for Money; and
  • To ensure delivery on time and within budget.

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For any queries on the Cutting Edge Framework , contact info@cutting-edge2.org.uk

Live stats from our Cutting Edge database ...

Total Number of Schemes : 322
Total Number of Units Being Developed : 15385
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